About Us

A brief summary of our collection activities : Exporting a product had several stages,These steps begin with marketing for the export commodity, and the attendant must complete these steps until loading product. Today, Because of competition in the market, product exports have become a specialized activity.
So the lack of experience of a person or company, will incur irreparable harm to company. Failure to pay the product by the customer is one of the most important risks of exporting products. So Javan Bakhti Trading Company With over 18 years of experience and Continuously activity in this field, had specialist and experienced staff.
Javan Bakhty Trading Co. officially started its activity in 1995.The goals of this company are: our main objective is exports of non-oil products, Improving the health of the global community by eating natural honey and its products, and some other foods including saffron, dates, raisins, rose water, souhan and ... to all Gulf countries and countries such as Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Austria, Russia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Algeria, India Morocco, Malaysia, Indonesia, Libya, Sudan, South Africa, Egypt, Yemen and ... on their agenda. Attend in Exhibitions Proprietary & international, Internal & foreign, In recent years are our company achievements and Success. Jahan Bakhty Trading Co. during this time in Tehran and other major cities of Iran also has activities including contracts with major chain stores of the country, including citizen for the sale and sale of natural honey and saffron, and has taken very effective steps in this field. . Covering a large number of beekeepers, laborers and workers, this collection is dedicated to protecting the true health of the consumer and, in this context, with the help of the Lord, is ready for the future.