A brief summary of our collection activities : Exporting a product had several stages,These steps begin with marketing for the export commodity, and the attendant must complete these steps until loading product. Today, Because of competition in the market, product exports have become a specialized activity.So the lack of experience of a person or company, will incur irreparable harm to company. Failure to pay the product by the customer is one of the most important risks of exporting products. So Javan Bakhti Trading Company With over 18 years of experience and Continuously activity in this field, had specialist and experienced staff. Javan Bakhty Trading Co. officially started its activity in 1995.The goals of this company are: our main objective is exports of non-oil products, Improving the health of the global community by eating natural honey and its products, and some other foods including saffron, dates, raisins, rose water, souhan and ... to all Gulf countries and countries such as Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Austria, Russia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Algeria, India Morocco, Malaysia, Indonesia, Libya, Sudan, South Africa, Egypt, Yemen and ... on their agenda. Attend in Exhibitions Proprietary & international, Internal & foreign, In recent years are our company achievements and Success.
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Honey is Sweet and concentrated stuff Which is made by bees of honey and Flower Nectar collected from plants, So it changes and then honey inside the wax cells that named hive, is stored.
Bees to nectar, an enzyme called Inoratz, saccharase, add to an important chemical change and thus produce more sugars than enzymes without nectar.
Natural honey in addition to glucose and fructose (about 70% of dry weight of honey) contains sugars, amino acids, mineral derivatives, acetylcholine, antibacterial agents, enzymes, vitamins and other plant derivatives. Due to complex compounds of honey, it can not be compared with ordinary sugars.
Honey has always been one of the most popular foods in the kitchen, yet it has been a cure for many diseases. In the entire globe, our ancestors were well aware of the benefits of honey. The first known uses of honey in medical treatments dates back about 4,000 years ago on stone inscriptions from the Sumerian peoples.
Honey accounted for about 30% of Sumerian medicinal treatments. In India, honey is one of the most important elements of ancient Hindu folk medicine, namely, Sydahs and Ayurveda. In ancient Egypt, its use was used to treat skin and eye diseases, as well as to natural healing for wounds and burns. Other cultures also use natural honey for a variety of medicinal purposes. Today, honey is the focus of many scientific research in medical communities to examine and prove our ancestors' ideas about the many uses of honey. Let's take a look at these things together.

Treatments and traditional honey uses

Honey water
3-1 teaspoonful of honey is taken with a glass of water that has reached room temperature twice a day to help strengthen body tissue and reduce the weakness of the nervous system. 3-1 teaspoons of honey with a glass of lukewarm water instantly shows your energy and helps you control the weight
Topical use
If you apply natural honey on scratch, heal it quickly and minimize scarring.
The benefits of honey and lemon
Massage the same amount of fresh lemon and fresh honey and lemon in a topical form such as a mask for 20 minutes on your face and do this twice a day to remove black spots from your face.
Maintaining heart health
Take 1 pound of fresh pomegranate juice and add 1 tablespoon of honey. Drink fast every morning. Create a hole in the palm with a long needle. Fill it with honey and add 2 to 4 dates twice daily and everyday.

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